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This website has not been in use for a few years now... just so you know. This website is only for downloading use.. (( ))
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Created on June 6th of 2009.
EtherealDeity Network's goal is to bring gamers, role players, intellectuals, comedians, artists, scripters, and much more different varieties of people together in one. To accept more users & build up our community, to make it bigger, better, & safe for everyone including our friends & family.
  • This network for the time being has 2 servers and about roughly 25 global users max n' still growing.
  • Our services include ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, BotServ, HelpServ, and also gives out free vHosts.
So help us grow, invite your friends, & enjoy your stay at ED!
This site offers mIRC Help for users that wish to use the mIRC scripts instead of the javas. 
We also have a Forum, Rules, Staff, & Downloads page, & among many other things.
Please take your time on the website, sign the guest book, invite friends, & enjoy yourselves!

Send an E-mail to to get your link put here.


We are looking for volunteers to work on a new project for EtherealDeity! This is a non-paid position. We're looking for people who know HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, AJAX, FBML, PHP, or MySQL. If you think you would make a good candidate please message us with what you know and we can maybe discuss an opportunity to work with us on this project. This is great resume experience for developers! If you would like to help but do not know the earlier mentioned skills, we may be able to work something out in terms of being a beta tester, or even teaching you the skills needed to become a successful programmer. We are looking for on-site volunteers as well as remote volunteers. Remember, this is unpaid volunteer work, but it will also look great on a resume or portfolio! We are also looking for graphic designers and pixel artists, so again, please message us if you think you would be a good candidate for these volunteer positions!

Thank you!
-ED Staff ... Read more »
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EtherealDeity is now Three Years (and a week) Old! Happy Birthday! xD!

To celebrate won't you go to the chat and have a blast in the main room #EtherealDeity
Everyone should know that lately we have been getting more people and more chat rooms on the server and this means more fun.

Because of the more users, we'll be hiring more mods/opers and so if you are interested at all please refer to the Staff page for more information about applying. Please note that if you have applied in the past, we still have your application on file, just ask the staff if they can review it.

-ED Staff
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